Well Well Well

Simplicity, Security and Sanctuary - A frame for life

“We shape our buildings, and thereafter our buildings shape us.” Winston Churchill.


  • Grace - A Sweet Renaissanse 'Grace - A Sweet Renaissance' 1951 original war service home redesigned and rebuilt to serve another 60 years
  • Craigston 'Craigston' 1929, heritage listed, art deco apartment redesigned and refurbished to reflect light and space of its era
  • Lillian 'Lillian Cottage' 1912 original workers cottage redesigned and refurbished for tenants and income stream
  • Urquart House 'Urquhart House' 1918 workers cottage redesigned and rebuilt over three levels to accommodate private and public spaces
  • Chiswell 'Chiswell Place' 1980's original apartment redesigned and and refurbished for family and guest income stream
  • Fairley 'Fairley Street' 1914 original builders own cottage redesigned and extended family /professional needs and income stream

Published projects

2012 Grace

2009 Craigston

1993 Fairley

2003 Urquhart House