Well Well Well

Simplicity, Security and Sanctuary - A frame for life

“We shape our buildings, and thereafter our buildings shape us.” Winston Churchill.

live well

A home redesign service – when You are ready to reframe Your way of Living

You can have a space that is beautiful and nurturing. A space that cares for you, adds value to your financial portfolio and can evolve to serve the needs of you and your family into the future.

The First Step to Living well

1. Live Well Foundation Package ($495)

Janet starts with the foundation – a theme and concept for creating space that reflects how you want to be shaped.


- briefing questionnaire

- one hour ON SITE consultation

- an illustrated theme/concept opinion report so you can see the best in your space too.

The Next Step to Living well

2. Live Well Framework Package (individualised plan $88/hour)

Once you have the Foundation Package, the Framework Package will help you to get started with detailed plans for a room or rooms. It takes into account your budget. (as a guideline, pricing for a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home is approximately $2,500 and includes a detailed illustrated inspiration folio). You can choose to get as many or as few rooms as suits you. All fine details and designs for specific spaces and rooms keep your 'big picture' in mind.

Framework packages include:

- colour recommendations

- product recommendations,

- staging strategy (what to do first etc - how to dovetail works and trades)

- advice for briefing contractors

- a fully illustrated inspiration folio that will show you room by room how to bring out the best in your chosen spaces

With over 35 years experience working with various trades to complete over seven major reframes, Janet has the experience to give you indicative per square metre costings as well


3. Live Well Full Package (negotiated fixed price based on $66/hr)

If the thought of overseeing a renovation project overwhelms you or you don’t feel confident to ensure that what you are getting will meet your vision, then this is the full service.

Janet's hands on experience, her diagnostic skills and her problem solving skills with electricians, plumbers, engineers, builders, planners and draftsmen alike, enables her to brief contractors and oversee their work as well as provide trouble shooting when the unexpected arises.

When to get started

How to get started

What will it cost?

For more info give Janet a call.