Well Well Well

Simplicity, Security and Sanctuary - A frame for life

“We shape our buildings, and thereafter our buildings shape us.” Winston Churchill.


"When you engage Janet you are not simply getting a beautiful building design, an uplifting program or an inspiring space.

You are getting the frame to create your best way of living.

Janet's passion and life's work is developing and nurturing the best in people and place."

With her professional background, her extensive design work and her life experiences, Janet is deeply interested in life transitions and how people adapt through them. Her particular design interest is how the spaces we choose to live in, ultimately shape our lives. When undertaking any Well-Well-Well design service, Janet has an eye for how existing spaces can be reframed to satisfy new purposes as our lives evolve.

The Well-Well-Well services were designed to provide homes and spaces of sanctuary and security through life's transitions. And are based on Janet's well honed diagnostic and problem solving skills. The services draw together the diverse strands of her experience as a home designer, a mother, a clinician, University educator and clinical trainer: as well as her studies in philosophy and psychology. Whether it be people or homes, Janet has an innate ability to see the strength and best is what already exists – she also has the vision and energy to uncover and build on that strength.

As a clinician, she has helped people reframe their bodies and minds through the major changes experienced through life -from new born to frail aged. Also assisting people re-create functional lives after injury or disease. As a designer of homes and spaces that can adjust to life stages and changes, she has uncovered and reframed the beauty of homes in Indooroopilly, Hamilton, Clayfield, Darra, Red Hill, Stafford, Spring Hill, Paddington, Banyo, Nudgee, Kangaroo Point, Byron Bay and Sunshine Coast. For her, there has always been a strong connection between how we design, engineer and use our bodies and how we design, engineer and use our buildings. Strong foundations, a clear understanding of basic needs, a depth knowledge and experience are all critical for both.

Janet also has the skill to be being able to manage both the big picture and the small details. This has guaranteed that all her design projects have satisfied both short term and long term client needs. As a designer, she advises and works closely with clients to enable them to secure their most suitable home when purchasing; or enable them to reframe and develop the best of their existing homes when staying; enable them to showcase the best of their home when selling. Any investment in Janet’s design work and philosophy is always a long term investment that does not compromise the present need.

Janet has great local knowledge and wide practical experience. Her unique combination of skills and passion for her work, continues to see her creating inspiring 'human' spaces that are practical, thoughtful and adaptable. Alive and invigorating - they just feel wonderful to be in.